'Marie Claire' from Taiwan covered DEF COMPANY and interviewed DEF C.E.O! 마리클레르 대만! Germany 'Lufthansa Woman's World Magazine' covered DEFCOMPANY C.E.O interview! 독일 루프트한자 항공 여성 기내잡지! The Japanese major woman press media corps covered DEF COMAPANY and interviewed DEF C.E.O! 일본 주요 언론 여성기자단 방문! 'Vertigo Pictures' from Singapore visited Def Company to film a documentary of DEF COMPANY's C.E.O! 싱가포르 다큐멘터리 제작사 버티고 픽쳐스! Hong Kong 'Secretary for Commence and Economic Development' visited in DEF COMPANY and held a meeting with C.E.O! iKON 김동혁 OH MY GIRL 현승희